Phil Hellmuth Spends Late Nights Writing Poker Brat Book

February 6th, 2017 Poker Articles

Phil Hellmuth is busy writing an autobiography about his rise as a poker pro. And the work will appropriately be called the Poker Brat.

This isn’t Hellmuth’s first time writing a book, but he’s still attacking it as much as ever, recently tweeting about the late nights he’s spent working. Here’s a tweet that explains it all:

As you can see, the 14-time WSOP gold bracelet winner is looking for some gold on the New York Times Best Seller list. This is a long shot, given that poker isn’t the game it once was. But we still wish him luck in the matter, especially if it attracts a few more people to poker.

As for details on the Poker Brat, Hellmuth explained that it covers how he went from a high-school loser to one of – if not THE – greatest poker players of all time.

“This new book is about how I rose above some hard times in my life,” said Hellmuth. “I really struggled in high school. I felt like a big-time high school loser. I struggled with my social life, grades, everything. I was way too immature. I had warts on both hands, the outside of my hands, and it felt almost like an affliction.”

He added, “After two years they magically disappeared and then the acne came. When the warts went away, the zits came. I really struggled socially in high school. When you have these kinds of things, you don’t feel good about yourself. This book is about how I made the transition from a high school loser with low self esteem to a world champion of poker at 24. It’s about the development of the Poker Brat, how I came from struggling so much with ego to finding great success.”

Now, over $20 million in tournament winnings and 14 bracelets later, Hellmuth can look back on his early high school days and laugh. As for the book, it’s supposed to be finished some time soon, although it’s hard to tell exactly when since Hellmuth is still working on it.