Durrrr Challenge Back on in 2017? Cates Confirms

January 16th, 2017 Poker Articles

Started in 2010, the Durrrr Challenge was Tom Dwan’s way of showing his online poker supremacy. He offered 3:1 odds to anybody who could beat him, which amounted to $500k for a Dwan win and $1.5 million for an opponent’s win.

The Durrrr Challenge with Patrik Antonius was halted after 40k hands, with Dwan up around $2 million. Rumor has it that Antonius asked for and was granted a buyout.

But the challenge between Dwan and Dan ‘Jungleman12′ Cates is still in limbo, with the latter up $1.25 million.

Doug Polk was quick to tweet that this battle remains one of the biggest shams in poker history. But Cates has responded, saying that the Durrrr Challenge might resume in 2017:

Given that the pair haven’t played a hand of the challenge since 2013, this has been an ongoing battle since Cates wants to finish it and win $1.5 million.

The latest with durrrr is that he is being totally uncooperative,” Jungleman said three years ago. “We have played zero hands in 2014 and only 2,500 of the 62k hands Tom played in 2013 were from the challenge.”

Dwan began the challenge with Cates when he was still a member of Team Full Tilt, and when Full Tilt still had a high-stakes section. That’s long since ended, but Jungelman’s desire to resume the challenge hasn’t.

If there’s any encouraging sign, it’s the fact that Dwan recently emerged in an ad for Paul Phua’s training site. Since moving to Macau in the early 2010s, Dwan has played less and less online poker. Hopefully that changes, though, and he finishes the challenge.

As for Cates, he was happy to advertise his windowless poker setup. Considering that he’s willing to play online poker in a sterile kitchen for hours each day, we imagine that he’s just as hungry as ever to take down Dwan.