Doug Polk Ordered to Take Down HSP Videos, Facebook Page Vanishes

March 8th, 2017 Poker Articles

Doug Polk had a rough week which started when the Game Show Network sent him cease-and-desist letters, asking him to remove 17 videos from his YouTube channel. The videos all involved the show High Stakes Poker (HSP).

Polk released a YouTube video (see bottom) on the matter, stating that he believes he’s in the right here due to the “Fair Use” law.

“You can take content, you can take videos, and if what you’re doing with them is transformative – makes it into entirely new content, either for comedy for for educational purposes – then using those clips falls under fair use.”

Polk continued by saying that his videos fall under the Fair Use law because he breaks down hands and uses them for educational purposes.

The high stakes poker pro has gained a large social media following thanks to the interesting and engaging content that he releases. But it appears that the Game Show Network thinks he’s overstepped some boundaries by using the HSP clips that they own the rights to.

Polk currently has his attorneys looking into the matter. And it seems like he might have a chance to prove the Game Show Network wrong because, as he points out, Youtubers use clips from famous movies to make content.

In another matter, Polk’s Facebook content suddenly came up missing too. He hasn’t spoken on the matter yet, so it’s unclear why his content was removed. One possibility could be that it violates Facebook’s gambling guidelines, which are strict against any individual or company that doesn’t operate in a licensed market (i.e. the UK).

Hopefully all of this doesn’t put a dent in Polk’s social media standing because he’s done a great job at making poker fun for his viewers.