Doug Polk: Dan Bilzerian Lied about $50m in Poker Winnings

January 24th, 2017 Poker Articles

Thanks to his Instagram fame, playboy Dan Bilzerian has done countless interviews over the past few years where he’s discussed his guns, women, and wealth. Regarding the latter, he claims that $50 million of his fortune came from high stakes poker games.

But high stakes grinder/YouTube phenom Doug Polk isn’t so convinced that Bilzerian’s initial wealth comes from poker.

“His dad [Paul], who had a lot of money from corporate raiding in the 80s, went to jail and was forced to pay something to the tune of $50-to-$60 million fine,” said Polk. “But he only ended up paying a few million. So the money’s missing and we just don’t know where it went.”

Still not convinced, Polk went through a session that Bilzerian recently streamed via Bill Perkins’ yacht.

The one thing that sticks out about Bilzerian’s session is that he’s an extremely aggressive player. He frequently 3-bet with thin value and is never afraid to bluff for thousands of dollars in post-flop action.

Overall, Bilzerian isn’t the world’s worst poker player. But as Polk points out, he could stand to improve in his bet-sizing and recognition of opponents’ hand range.

“While Dan did play very aggressive, I wouldn’t say that he played all the great,” said Polk. “In fact, there was some serious button clicking going on in this match. I think that maybe he could beat some high stakes, very soft live games. But on the internet, he’s a fish in the water.”

Of course, Bilzerian claims that the bulk of his money did come from soft high stakes games. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t benefit from some of the money he dad was supposed to pay back in SEC fines.

In any case, it’s hard for the SEC & feds to prove anything because underground poker winnings don’t come with a HighStakesDB graph.