Disgraced Full Flush Poker Relaunches in 2017

March 15th, 2017 Poker Articles

Full Flush Poker is back, but the money they owe customers isn’t.

In September 2016, Full Flush Poker went offline with a whooping $2 million in player deposits still on their site. Roughly 6 months later, you can now visit Full Flush Poker once more. But you’ll be greeted with a blunt open letter from the new owners of the site’s domain:

“We are the new owners of the domain FullFlushPoker.com – purchased via auction. We are NOT associated with the prior owners. We do NOT have your money. We are NOT liable for the debts of the prior owners of this website.”

The letter goes on to explain that Full Flush Poker’s previous owners are MIA, and have probably fled and abandoned the site’s main base of operation in Costa Rica.

What’s unfortunate is that Full Flush Poker customers aren’t the only ones being screwed out of their money. Full Flush employees at the Costa Rican base were also left without pay, including affiliates who aided in promoting the site.

The matter in which the site crumbled is puzzling to some. Full Flush Poker stayed afloat in what’s a more-competitive market these days by accepting players from the United States. But they suddenly shut down towards the end of 2016 without any warning.

Full Flush Poker’s Facebook page has been non-responsive since the end of October, and their last tweet was about a new platform being developed, with the plans to update daily on the progress of the matter.

While the situation seems hopeless now, there may be some solace for those those affected by the disappearing act from Full Flush Poker. The new owners of the domain are interested in assisting players, while pursuing the old owners in search of the missing funds. One player in particular – who goes by the screen name Agirlinoh – is due $152,000.

Other poker sites and a group of affiliates have joined in on the cause to help the people affected by the situation.