Low Hole Wild – Wild Card Poker Game

This game is an interesting version to seven card stud. In a typical game of 7 Card players are able to base their decision on the cards on the table, since the majority of them are showing. In this version it becomes slightly more difficult based on the different options the dealer can call. The object of this game is to make the best 5 card hand using 5 out of 7 cards provided.

Low Hole Wild means that your lowest hole card and all other similar ranked cards will be used as wild cards.

How To Play Low Hole Wild

To begin the dealer will need to decide which options players will have. These include;

Roll you own hole cards – Each player will receive three cards and can decide which card they want to expose to the table.

Optional 7th Street- In a normal game of stud, players will have their 7th and final card dealt face down. In Low Hole Wild, this could actually kill your hand as your lowest hole card determines what’s wild. As an example if you have a 3 down, and a 3 is given to you face up, you will have two wild cards to make your hand. However, if your 7th card dealt to you was a 2 and you decided to take it down, then your wild card would change to that down card since it is the lowest, leaving you with only one wild. Allowing players an optional 7th street lets them decide whether they want to expose their final card or play it down and dirty, thus giving them a little leeway in betting thier hand.

Roll All Your Cards – All cards will be dealt face down. Players will decide which card to expose and the two to keep down. The game will play out just like 7 Card Stud except players have the choice as to which cards they want to expose for 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th street.

Once this has been determined the game will play out exactly like 7 card stud. Once 7th street has been played and each player still in the hand will have an opportunity to bet a showdown will take place and the played with the best 5 card hand wins the pot.

Tips - Since there are wild cards in this game we suggest players pay attention to the possibilities in hand strengths on the table. More often than not, players will have at least four of a kind with the use of wild cards. Anything less than a full house will not qualify and you should not continue betting or calling bets.