Iron Cross

Iron Cross is played with no more than 11 players. There is one wild card allowed which is the center card in teh cross.

How To Play Iron Cross Card Game

Each player must first ante into the game, whereby the dealer will than give each player four cards down followed by placing five cards face down on the table in the shape of a cross. Players will begin by betting or checking their hole cards. Once the betting round is complete the dealer will select a card to turn over. This will be followed by another round of betting.

The dealer will continue to flip over cards randomly with each player receiving a turn to bet until all five cards have been flipped. The choice in cards to turn up is left to the dealer however the center card is used as a wild card so we suggest this to be the last card shown to players.

Once the final betting round has come to a close, players will show their hands and the player with the best 5 card hand using either the cards placed horizontally or vertically wins. If you want to make this game a little more difficult you can eliminate the 4th hole card and each player will only receive three. The diagram below shows how the cards should be placed when dealing.