Black Mariah

This game is another derivative of Seven Card Stud. Black Mariah means the best hand at the table, and also the highest spade face down. This means that the game does not stop until a player at the table not only has the best hand but MUST also have the highest face down spade. Until that happens the game continues to play out with hands redealt and players paying another ante.

How To Play Black Mariah

Each player will receive two down cards and one up card. The player to the left of the BB will start the first betting round by calling, raising or folding. This will continue until each player at the table has had the opportunity to play their hand. The dealer will then deal players 4th street followed by another round of betting. This process will continue until the final card dealt which is 7th street and will of course be dealt face down. The player with the best hand, and highest spade face down wins.

Tips for Playing Black Mariah

You want your opponents to think you have the highest face down spade. If you are sure that the others at the table do not have the A you can bluff them into believing you do but be prepare to have a decent ranked spade in your hand for showdown. This will of course not work every round and we suggest you use this sparingly or they will catch on. When playing, bet the max bet each and every round.  This will push others out of the hand, and allow you to reduce the number of opponents you will have at showdown which will hopefully result in you having the highest face down spade. Remember to pick and choose your spots to do this, since you also need the best hand to win.