Baseball and Blind Baseball Card Game

Baseball is another dealer’s choice card game and is played in a similar theme as a game of baseball. There are 9 cards dealt to each player, representing the nine innings and you can opt for wild cards in this game. This game is limited to only 5 players however you can also play it using 7 cards if need be.

How to Play the Card Game Baseball

Players will begin by placing their ante. The dealer will then deal each player a total of nine cards. This game can only be played with 5 players, since there must be four cards left over which we will explain what these are for later. Once all the cards have been dealt the player to the right of the dealer will open and can either bet or check. Each player will have the opportunity to do the same. Once the betting round is complete, the first player will begin to flip their first card over and can pick which card he would like to lay from his hole cards. Only one card will be flipped. A betting round will start.

The second player will then choose a card from his hole cards to lay down. His card must beat the player before him and if he can not lay a higher card than he will continue to lay cards until he does beat that player. As an example if player in seat 1 lays a Qs, then player 2 will need to lay down a K or better to complete his turn. After he has beat the player before him another betting round will take place. Basically these betting rounds are to bet that you will be able to beat that person’s hand. Obviously since you are able to look at your cards prior to having your opponents see them you will know what your outcome will be and can than adjust your bets accordingly.

This process will continue until all players have laid their cards down and the player with the best five card hand wins the pot.

The Extra Cards in Baseball

We mention that there needs to be four remaining cards after every player has been dealt their hands. If you flip over a four within the nine cards you have received you will be able to receive an extra card. You will need to pay for that card which is generally double the ante, but this gives you one additional card to hopefully complete your hand. The four will be used as a regular card and not a wild card.

Wild Cards

These are typical the 3’s, 6’s and 9’s however is not limited to just those numbers. The dealer can call any wild card he wants. If you show a wild card in your hand you will need to pay for it, which like the fours, is double the ante.

More Variations of the Card Game Baseball

Normally we play blind baseball. The reason for this is the regular version of baseball allows players to see their cards, so when a player starts aggressively betting it’s usually a good indication that his hand has been made. Blind baseball on the other hand leaves every player, including the one holding the cards clueless as to the outcome. You cannot look at your cards and will randomly select which one will be flipped over.